A Poem For The Ladies “My Akushika” – Scripted By ” Efo Lucky Calebs “



I never knew the true worth of beauty, until I saw the mark of your footprints meandering closer to my heart, instilling all the golden peace I have longed for. With you, I couldn’t have hoped for more.

Aku – Shika!!! I’ll never have the words to encapsulate how much you mean to me.

Aku- Shika, The epitome of beauty Aku- Shika the goddess that sends warm shivers down my spine.

Your smiles remind me how lucky I am to call you mine. The sound of your name crashes over me like waves breaking on the shore.Your fiercely gentle ways bring grace into my days.Before  you I was soulless, just waiting and never trying

Because It didn’t make another sense to have one in my heart again.But after you walked my way, it became obvious that I was forever waiting for a special one like you to resonate me into existence.

Aku- Shika…The warmth of your smile stretches across the sand mile after mile, illuminating your true nature. With your soul, I am compelled to nurture the reverent spirit I see you are so eager to hide from the appellation. I pray you’ll listen as I sing my appreciation for all that you are.The velocity of a storm with a love so strong it compels me to sing your name so willingly because you also remind me of that one Beautiful soul resting in peace, Oh Mama.

My humble Akushika compared to you the rest of the world seems barren.All your grace and duress are so effortless to possess Aku- Shika the nation’s pride I promise you,  that for your love I will never run and hide, I will transpire to be all that you look for in a man.

The peace you hold so tightly within inspires me to never give in. My greatest regret is seeing your face twist in fury when I have been cold of heart.

The past made me a fool from the start Heartbreaks and tears never gave another reason to try.

But your beautiful spirit drew me into your arms and now I am paralysed by your charms.

Born on a Wednesday, Aku with the golden touch, Shika, so refined and never fades away.

Aku- Shika Promise that you will be here across the way to lie in my life until my bones start to decay! carry with you a piece of me in your soul.

For your love, I’ll not let go whatever betides.

I have learnt to crawl with you, walk with you and together

We shall fly taking with us the pieces we patched.

Daavi Aku- Shika

Take this piece of me everywhere you go.


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