Nigerians Accuse American Singer Pia Mia Of Stealing Phyno’s ‘I’m A Fan’ Featuring Jeremih


Pia Mia Ft. Jeremih – I’m A Fan (CDQ)

Wow! is it that the American musicians copy their music content from the African musicians.

Over the weekend, word got out about how two US singers Pia Mia and Jeremih collaborated on a song; except it was a complete rip-off of Nigerian rap star, Phyno‘s ‘I’m a Fan’.

Even worse is the fact that the rip-off by Pia Mia featuring Jeremih goes by the same title.

The Nic Nac-produced track ‘I’m a Fan is in the same vein as Chris Brown and Tyga’s own “Ayo,” which makes them a pretty natural addition to the track.

While Nigerians slept, two American pop stars shamelessly stole Phyno’s song as theirs

Now, Nigerians have only gone on Pia Mia’s Instagram to bear their minds about the song larceny.

And you know when Nigerians are pissed, the victim’s in for some backlash!

Be proud you are from Africa, and you infusing the local dialect into your music while putting down your content to sell to the world. There is no need to emulate the western culture musically.


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