Donal Trump Has Issued An Executive Order; Gives Liberians In U.S. a One-Year Stay


President Donald Trump has issued an executive order extending the legal immigration status of thousands of Liberians in the United States through to March 31, 2019.  Liberians who are on Deferred Enforced Departure status in the US had been facing a deadline of March 31.

“The Administration is committed to an orderly transition that will allow time for Liberia to prepare for the return and reintegration of its citizens. The Administration will work with the Government of Liberia to help inform relevant stakeholders in-country and in the United States to ensure an orderly return and reintegration of Liberia’s citizens.”

President Trump said DED is not a long-term solution or permanent legal status for foreign nationals in the United States.

“Only Congress can legislate a permanent solution addressing the lack of an enduring lawful immigration status for those currently protected by DED who have lived and worked in the United States for many years. The Administration has regularly and proactively communicated with members of Congress regarding the DED designation for Liberia.”


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