Ebonylife Tv Celebrates Its Fourth Anniversary As Africa’s First Black Entertainment Network


EbonyLife TV went live in mid 2013, it sought to be the global network for premium African entertainment.

It became Africa’s first global black entertainment network and it opened doors of communication between itself and the youth. Four years down the line network said to be living up to expectation?

Since its inception in 2013, over 4000 hours of original Pan African content has been created and produced by EbonyLife TV. Talk about getting a jump on lost time. Like a postman running late, EbonyLife has expedited the process of production backed by a team of highly trained and qualified staff. Within this timeframe, TV series have been dished out to much critical acclaim. The first seasons of On the Real, Sons of the Caliphate, Dere and The Governor have been widely successful leading to an order of second seasons for the aforementioned.

In 2015, EbonyLife TV joined the fray of the movie scene with its first offering titled, Fifty. The movie went on to generate ₦400million return on investment shattering a litany of records in the process. Dissatisfied by the status quo and unrelenting in the ruthless pursuit of excellence, another movie was released in 2016. The Wedding Party would go on to break even more records, some set by the initial offering. It grossed a whopping ₦450million from the box office alone earning it the number one spot on the highest grossing Nigerian movies of all time. Both movies have led to much anticipated spinoffs. Fifty, would go on to be adapted for TV as Fifty: The Series which premiered at the recent EbonyLife Film and TV Festival while a sequel to The Wedding Party is billed to be released December, 2017.

The potential of this precocious four year old might not even be fathomable by the most imaginative of us. Numbers do not lie; EbonyLife TV at four has only released two movies and has grossed nearly ₦1billion in funds. Maybe we could be talking of EbonyLife going toe to toe with global film production outfits in the next ten years or what may be said when the network turns 25? Your guess is as good as mine.


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