Egyptian TV Presenter Sentenced To 3 Years Jail Time For ‘Promoting Indecency’


Egyptian renowned TV presenter Doaa Salah has been sentenced to three years jail time after she discussed on-air how women might get pregnant outside of marriage. The government felt she was promoting indecency.

According to BBC, Salah had asked if her viewers had considered having sex before marriage, and also suggested a woman could marry briefly to have children before divorcing, a topic the government felt is promoting indecency. On the episode in question, Salah wore a fake pregnant belly to highlight her point. This episode aired in July.

Salah was suspended by the TV company for three months in the aftermath of the broadcast, before legal action was taken against her.

The TV presenter was then charged and convicted of outraging public decency. She was also ordered to pay a U.S.$566 fine to the lawyer who filed the lawsuit against her.

Salah can appeal the three-year sentence.

Another presenter on the same channel, Reham Saeed, was suspended for three months after spending an episode discussing extra-marital affairs.


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