George Britton Approach People With Respect – Bull Dogg


Former Shatta Wale manager Bull Dogg caution publicist and Keche manager George Britton of his lousy talks about artist and managers.

Manager, writer and graphic designer, Bull Dogg made this correction with so much anger, live on Rythmyz with Berla Mundi, PR for Africa 1 Media Elorm Beenie and George himself.

“George has to refrain from trying to pull the legs of managers, painting them black to achieve his goals as a publicist, forgetting his also an artist manager. You are supposed to be supporting this brands but rather go about ditching and posting useless articles everywhere.”

George you always talking bullshit, if am advising presenters to stop pushing divas to the edge with marriage issues. You sit somewhere, open your wide mouth to spit nonsense. I think you really need to get rid of those bear.

We believe the female celebrities needs to focus on building a huge career, regardless their gender, they are not limited. George let them be, you will mock them first if they fail to stay strong in the industry.


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