Ghanaians and Nigerians Should Stop Criminalizing Each Other – Smile Baba


Entertainment and business mogul, Smile Baba born Samuel Darlington aimed at putting a stop to the bad comments from both sister countries, Ghana and Nigeria on criminalization.

The multiple award winning Radio/TV host Smile Baba spoke out of love and pain on how Nigeria and Ghana always accuse each other of criminal cases. The world famous. Smile Baba made note of both countries having bad elements among them but his worry was how Ghanaians categorize all Nigerians as criminals.

Smile Baba posted on his social media platform (Facebook) ; 

“Some Nigerians are a menace to their host country🇬🇭 and they bring shame to fellow Nigerians but one thing I will like to correct is that crime is inevitable and in any society there are criminals. Nigerians and Ghanaians have bad elements among them but my worry is the way my Ghanaian brothers categorize all Nigerians as criminals forgetting that Nigeria has the largest population in the whole of black AFRICA, with over 200 million people just 10% of the bad egg which is about the Total population of Ghana should not be qualified as the rest of the Nigerian nation.

I know lots of Nigerians doing well in this country, most of them have established businesses here, employed Ghanaians and even contributed to the development of mother Ghana. My suggestion is that Ghanaians and Nigerians should join hands together to fight the wrong in the society but tagging all Nigerians as criminals is a big no for me.

The fight against this whole issue should start with the immigration, it is true that as an ecowas citizen we have the right to reside in any west African state for three months but what happens after that? Do the police or immigration check the residence permit of people to make sure they are legally residing in the country? Do people have businesses and jobs they are doing? I believe any Nigerian wanting to reside in Ghana legally should either be a student, worker or have his or her own business with documents showing proof same thing should apply Ghanaians in Nigeria. If you have any of those and a family to feed in Ghana you won’t go about looking for trouble or wanting to make trouble but again the discrimination from those who are suppose to know better is too much. Nigerians are not your enemies, they are your brothers and they should be loved just like you want to be loved. The blame goes to the media that paint Nigerians and Nigeria in a bad light. The story you give to the people are what they will swallow. Let’s be professional with news distribution”.


Smile Baba is a Nigerian television and radio host, comedian, singer , television network producer, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He hosts the Smile Time Africa show , an internationally syndicated radio/TV show that airs throughout the World on Various cable stations across Africa. Darlington ( Smile Baba) is the founder and CEO of Smile Entertainment Limited, a multimedia production company through which he produces content for radio, television, publishing, the stage, the Internet and events. He is also the founder and owner of S24 Studios, S24Radio, S24tv, s24 mobile app and (AFRICA’S LARGEST ONLINE STORE). He is also the CEO of Lagos Bar on the Spintex road Accra Ghana. A real estate investor and a multi business personnel.

Smile Baba is the first African to create a 3D studio in the continent for radio and TV production. Arguably the most beautiful on air studio with 3D materials in Africa. In 2014 Smile Baba created Africa’s first integrated carnival the Ghana Naija Carnival which is aimed at uniting the two countries. With thousands of people in attendance the Ghana Naija Carnival remains Africa’s largest single multicultural and multi-tribal social gathering.


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