Grammy Award Winner, Joss Stone’s Concert In Uganda Flops


Few days ago, 27-year-old free spirited English soul singer, Joss Stone staged a show in Kampala at Design Hub that was exclusively about her new  “Water For Your Soul” Album.

The soul star previously had mega shows in countries like Morocco, Australia, New Zealand and Swaziland that have ranged from stadium concerts to club shows and acoustic jamming sessions but it was a different case in Uganda.

The multi-award winner has also sold over 12 Million Albums worldwide.

Joss won BBC Talent show , star for a Night aged just 13, signed to a major label at 15 and released her first album “The soul sessions” aged 16 but Joss was surprised by the turn up  of her show as seats were still empty even while she was performing.

The empty seats and poor turn up can tell that Joss Stone is not popular among Ugandans.

Soul music is not a genre Ugandans are accustomed to and this could be the major reason the show flopped.

Despite the flop, the Star has been engaged in local charities, humanitarian and environmental causes.

Recently, her kind heart put a smile on the faces of residents in Bukula community.

She solicited money through “Joss Stone Foundation” to fund “Drop4Drop” charity that has built a well and provided clean and safe water for the residents.


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