“I Went Through This Painful Ritual” Ghanaian TV/Radio Host, Urica Davies Shares Her Story On “Breast Ironing”


Hundreds of African mums are “breast-ironing” their daughters using rocks, hammers and spatulas. The sickening act is commonplace in parts of Africa.

Ghanaian-born TV/Radio host Urica Davies shared her story as a young girl growing up, she went through the same process of breast flattening. The diva testified how painful the process is and how the practice is still affecting her life as an adult.

Breast ironing, also known as breast flattening, is the pounding and massaging of a pubescent girl’s breasts, using hard or heated objects, to try to make them stop developing or disappear.

The ritual involves pounding the breasts as soon as they begin to develop with objects that have been heated over hot coals. Some women use rocks, others hammers and spatulas.

“I went through this several times as a very young girl n the experience is not good n I live with that pain till now.” She said.

The African goddess, Urica, told s24 News: “They put the spatula on the fire and then they press it on the breast and yes, it hurts.

“Then it goes weak, it’s like melting, fat melting and you can feel the breast going back…”

The idea is that by removing their breast tissue, the youngsters will be less sexually attractive and less likely to become pregnant at a young age, ­preventing them bringing shame on their families.

Sadly it is mostly carried out by the girls’ own mothers, who believe it is in their best interests


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