Jacob Zuma’s brother, Joseph, Goes Hard On ANC For ‘Conspiring With The Opposition’


It’s sad to see how African leaders backstab each other. This is the reason why the white man can be in his country and start throwing insults at us. We don’t respect leadership.

Jacob Zuma’s brother Joseph has come out with guns blazing over the way the President of the Republic was ousted by the ANC. Joseph‚ 77‚ said there was “no justice” in the way his brother was removed.

South Africas news hub, TimesLive caught up with Joseph outside Zuma’s homestead in Nkandla-South Africa‚ where a group of supporters had gathered to voice their displeasure at Zuma’s removal.

The supporters‚ dressed in T-shirts bearing Zuma’s face‚ danced on the roadside as they sang: “Zuma we love you so much.”

Joseph said the family was very unhappy about the way his brother was removed. “This does not show justice. I don’t think they should have allowed him to be removed like this. We are not happy because his term was about to come to an end and if they were patient with each other they should have waited until he finished his term‚” he said.

He accused the ANC of not showing unity by removing Zuma and colluding with opposition parties. “It would be better if the ANC showed how united they were but they never showed unity. It shows that division and that they are colluding with the opposition.”

He said Zuma had played no role in former president Thabo Mbeki’s recall in 2008. “Even when Mbeki has recalled it was not Zuma who removed him but it was the ANC that made that decision. And now they make it as if it was he was also part of that.”


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