Legendary Trio, Praye Reunite After 5 Years Of Split


YASS!!! Time to celebrate as Afropop trio Praye is reuniting after breaking five years ago. Members Choirmaster, Kente and Big J Cartel made the big announcement April. 14 and we’ve got the details, right here!

Best news ever! The mid-’90s Afropop group Praye is getting back together nearly close to half a decades after calling it quits.

The trio happily made the revelation while performing at the just ended Ghana music awards 2018 ” Praye is back for life”, which saw them dish out massive performance as they were known for.

Choirmaster, who has enjoyed a solo career since they split, said: “As the lead singer of the musical group, my musical connection has always been with Praya. Praya is Choirmaster, Kente and Big J Cartel

The Ghanaian trio served us with gems like Angelina, Wodin, Shoddy, Wonkoaa and Jacket.


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