Meet The Ghanaian-Born Celebrity Stylist – Zayon Gh


For Zayon Gh, the rise to fashion’s highest echelons has been a long journey, peppered with many memorable outfits and style reinventions.

Dressing celebrities is a glamorous job, but if Africa’s favourite stylist, Zayon Gh is anything to go by, his got a good fashion sense.

The fashionista, Zayon Gh unveiled its first ever campaign on Instagram using the hashtag, #Lifestyleclothing . The high fashion names are celebrating the launch of Zayon’s new clothing collection.

Zayon Home Collections owned by Zayon Gh, officially reached new heights today with the introduction of Lifestyle clothing, with a motivation script; “Why accept failure when succes is free”

“For all the designers and celebrities I’ve worked with, whatever the job is, I try my very best to make them look excellent and odd on it,” Zayon Gh said. “I like to help people be the best they can be and build confidence.

On a one on one talk: “It’s a choice I made. Nobody is holding a gun to my head to do it. If you don’t like what you’re doing, there are other jobs. If you’re unhappy, make a choice.”


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