Mugabe’s Nephew Zhuwao Bans Zodwa Wabantu From Carnival


The government officials have now banned South African socialite Zodwa Wabantu after a complaint from a local actress. Anne Nhira complained that Zodwa was “over-hyped” at the expense of local Zimbabwean artists. Zodwa Wabantu was meant to make an appearance at the Harare International Carnival but was told that she would need to wear underwear as there would be traditional leaders present who would not appreciate her signature look.

Government has responded to a complaint by actress Anne Nhira over Zodwa waBantu’s near nude performances saying the South African socialite is unlikely to participate during next week’s carnival.

Nhira, who is also now a reality show host based in South Africa, expressed her disgust over the Tourism ministry’s decision to allow WaBantu, “a South African socialite not celebrity”, to grace such an important carnival when there were lots of deserving local artists in need of that exposure.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive officer, Karikoga Kaseke, responded saying Zodwa would at least not perform without undies–a suggestion the socialite deemed unwelcome and insulting for her brand.

Kaseke apologised on the ZBC this Monday only for acting Tourism minister Patrick Zhuwao to shoot his apology by upholding Nhira’s desires this Tuesday.

“I acknowledge your complainant on the above subject matter. Government position is that the concerned (Zodwa waBantu) may not participate at the Harare International carnival. In this regard the relevant authorities have been notified,” Zhuwao said.

Zodwa made headlines after appearing in a revealing black dress without undergarments at a Durban July event leading to local promoters hiring her. She then performed before a packed crowd in Bulawayo–opening another door for her to participate in the Harare International Festival.


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