Nigeria Drop in Latest FIFA Ranking


Nigeria’s Super Eagles did not do enough to avoid dropping according to the latest FIFA ranking released Thursday.

The Super Eagles who before now occupied the 38th position in the world dropped six places to become 44th.

Only Tunisia among the top 5 teams in Africa moved up three places from 34th to 31st.

Meanwhile Zambia who put up an impressive performance in the double header against Algeria rose eighteen places from 96th to 78th.

Germany replaced Brazil as the best football team in the world

The next ranking comes up Oct 16.

Top 10 teams in Africa

1 Egypt

2 Tunisia

3 Senegal

4 Congo Dr

5 Nigeria

6 Cameroon

7 Burkina Faso

8 Ghana

9 Cote d’Ivoire

10 Morocco

Top 10 teams in the World

1 Germany

2 Brazil

3 Portugal

4 Argentina

5 Belgium

6 Poland

7 Switzerland

8 France

9 Chile

10 Colombia


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