Nigerian Government Warns UN Of Nuclear Weapons Threat


Nigeria has warned that the continued existence of nuclear weapons remained a threat to all mankind.

Nigeria stated this in its statement to the General Debate of the 2018 Substantive Session of the UN Disarmament Commission by Faisal Ibrahim, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the UN.

Besides the maintenance costs and modernisation of nuclear weapons, the government has said that they remain a threat, with catastrophic humanitarian consequences from either deliberate use or an unintentional explosion.

Nigeria highlighted the 1996 Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which affirmed that the threat or use of nuclear weapons constituted a crime against humanity.

The country added that the ICJ’s opinion also affirmed that the threat or use of nuclear weapons constituted a violation of international law, including international humanitarian law.

Nigeria reiterated its view about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences that could result from either a deliberate use and/or unintentional explosion of nuclear weapons.

It said these consequences should serve as a compelling reason for all states to address the question of the continued possession of nuclear weapons.

“Nuclear weapons still remain the ultimate agents of mass destruction and their total elimination should be the final objective of all disarmament processes within the broad spectrum of goals being pursued by the United Nations.

Nigeria firmly believes that space technology has the immense potential to benefit both developed and developing countries.

“And in this regard the UN needs to promote equal and non-discriminatory access to outer space, irrespective of levels of social, economic or scientific development.

“Nigeria wishes to highlight the efforts of UN Regional Centres for Peace and Disarmament in terms of their contributions to disarmament measures and other future challenges.”

It noted the valuable input of the Centre in Africa, particularly in its efforts to ensure the provision of a robust programme on capacity-building and in extending technical assistance to many States on the continent.


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