Nigerian Model, Keera Harrison Accuses Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Nelson of Snatching Her Husband


Keera Harrison has claimed that Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson, who just gave birth, allegedly snatched her husband. Nelson has yet to react to the allegations.

Ms. Harrison claims the man at the center of the controversy, a British photographer, named Jamie Roberts, is her husband.

In a series of chats, which was leaked on Instagram, Ms.

Harrison indicated that Yvonne Nelson followed her on Instagram and went on to request for assistance in securing some slimming pills.

She then stated that her husband went behind her back and requested for Yvonne’s number on the pretext of taking the number on his wife’s behalf.

She insinuated that from then on, the two began seeing each other.

She also disclosed that, although she is still married to Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy, they are in the process of divorcing after they got married in 2015.

The ‘scandal’ is currently a hot topic on Instagram.

Yvonne is yet to react to the allegations. She could not be immediately reached.

Ever since the news broke three weeks ago that Yvonne had welcomed a daughter, many have wondered who the father of the child up until this revelation.

Jamie is known to have photographed personalities like Hollywood star, John Boyega, Sammy Forson, model Leanna Beckford and Ava Enchill.

The actress spoke about the pregnancy and the father of the child during an interview with WOW Magazine, which published photos and an interview with Yvonne Nelson when she was heavily pregnant.

Yvonne confirmed in her interview with WOW Magazine that Jamie has kids with another woman.

The wife had a lot to say and a photo from Keela and Jamie Roberts wedding in London, has also surfaced online.


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