Ohemaa Woyeje Sacked From Adom FM For Comments She Made On FaceBook Concerning KABA’s Departure From Life.


Award winning dj, Oheema Woyeje, over the week made comments on her official Facebook page concerning death of  colleague Kwadwo Asare Baffour Acheampong, popularly known as KABA.

Oheema Woyeje, the mid-morning radio show host expressed her thoughts on Facebook, how some in house persons turn to be chameleons ‘Love you in the face but hate you and wish you death with hard thirst’ :

“Our hypocrisy is just not cool! I remember when some weeks ago, #KABA told me about one woman from multi tv who frustrated him a lot especially when he was on tv till other other matters…. I saw this same woman on monday with her legs n waist like mine looking all mourning going up and down just to appear in the cameras and pretending to have lost a loved colleague. Why didn’t she sleep and pop champagne to celebrate news on his demise?”

“How I wish the dead have power to come back and slap all the fake mourners, the backbiters, the haters, the enemies who come like friends, the devils in angelic outfits, the backstabers, the pull him downs, the intimidators & suppressors, etc etc …. judgement unto their heads everytime!!! They think we don’t know them. #KABA due ne amanehunu”

The radio host spoke out of anger and tears, how the in house persons pretend to be your family and wish you down.

The pancake turner, Oheema, later captioned on her timelineBETTER TO LOSE YOUR JOB THAN LOSE YOUR LIFE!!! #inobore biy3d3 .. shouts to @ohemaawoyejeventures”

According to sources former DayBreak Hitz host, KMJ has now filled Oheema Woyeje’s spot on Adom FM as the new mid-morning radio show host.

Not long ago, KMJ was also sacked from Hitz FM, a sister radio station to Adom FM.


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