Philly Court Clerk Gets Fired After Requesting For Money From Meek Mill During Trial


As stated by TMZ, a clerk who slipped American rapper Meek Mill a note requesting for financial assistance during the hearing for his probation hearing has been reportedly fired. The clerk, Wanda Chavarria, passed the rapper a note asking him to help her pay her son’s tuition since he is ‘a fan of the arts’.

Mill’s lawyers have revealed that the day that Chavarria passed her plea to Meek, Judge Genece Brinkley was presiding over the case in court. Although the rapper’s lawyers claim that the judge heard Chavarria ask the rapper for money, the clerk has said that the judge was not aware of the note.

The court’s officials have not made it known whether or not they will be reviewing the rapper’s sentence with the actions of their worker in mind.


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