Radio Rookies Graduate


As PBRadio extend it wings in shaping the youth and emphasizing its effort on the new digital age, the first class of Radio Rookies finally graduate. It is a youth internship program designed to bring out the potentials within every youth.

Founder and CEO, Efo Lucky Calebs, urged the general public to reach out and spread the word to the entire community that, Pb radio is here and doing a great job to support the youth and the aged.

The event was also attended by deputy Todd Sanders, the program is a grant from the mayors department and Co-ordinated by Dr. Sharon Wiley of Safe place, safe people, she happens to be the host of “coffee talk” and manageress of PB Radio.

Also in attendance was the voice of the people, Vicki Diliard, host of “On purpose with Vicki”.

The graduation ceremony which saw a  huge audience was sponsored by Michael B. Hancock, an American businessman, author and politician who is currently the mayor of Denver, Colorado.



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