Rashida Black Beauty apologizes for Circulating nude video, showing off her p**sy


Ghanaian actress, Rashida Black Beauty issued an apology for nude video circulating on social media. As a growing “young girl,” sometimes let her do anything she wants.

The nude video came to light yesterday by “Doffachi Africa” that features the model and actress showing off body and p**sy. In the video posted Friday, Rashida Black Beauty, the Noko fio star, made public her body, scwart to show her p**sy.

However, in a statement shortly after the video started trending on social media , Rashida Black Beauty

apologized to the world and was eager to explain what triggered her actions.

“Hello Ghana, I am sorry and I regret my actions, there is a lot of explanation to this video but I guess the harm has already been done so no one will be willing to hear what I have to say or tell them. All I want to say is I regret my actions and I hope Ghanaians do forgive me… Thank You !”

Watch her video below…



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