‘My Sincere Apologies’: D-Black’s Signee, Dahlin Gage Apologises For Rude Behaviour Towards Merqury Quaye & WatsUp TV


Social media has been on the neck of D-Black’s signed rapper, Dahlin Gage for his indecent deportment towards cruise control host and CEO of Ghana DJ Awards, Merqury Quaye, at the most talked event at the moment, WatsUp TV 66th Legon Hall Week Anniversary, which culminated to fans lambasting the rapper.

The “Come Take” rapper took to social media to apologize to Merqury Quaye, organizers of the show, WatsUp TV and fans for his recent behavior while performing at the Watsup TV 66th Hall Week Anniversary, sharing that he apologizes for losing his cool on stage at Watsup TV 66th Hall Week Anniversary and use of the F word on stage as his scheduled performance time was cut down right on stage, while also looking to patching up feud with Mr Merqury Quaye and WatsUp TV.

The written apology from Dahlin Gage was posted via his Twitter account and his Instagram page. Appearing humble and measured in his speech, harmless Dahlin made his appeal to the public;

“My sincere apologies for the unfortunate situation last nite with @MercuryQuaye and @WatsUpTv where I lost my cool on stage at Legon Hall Week and used the F word on stage as my scheduled performance time was cut down right there on stage. As an artist, after feverently preparing to perform, it gets disheartening and feels disrespectful when found in the situation I found my self In last nite. Nevertheless, I apologize to my team @werepbam #BlackAvenueMuzik@watsuptv and Mr. @mercuryquaye for my remarks on stage. It won’t happen again.. Apologies again.”

watch the video below, Dahlin exchanging words with Merqury Quaye.



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