South African Singer Johnny Clegg’s “The Final Journey World Tour” – Marks A Heartbreaking Farewell


The popular singer was never going to bow out quietly. Despite battling cancer, he felt he owed his fans a proper farewell. The Final Journey traverses his life and career from the early ’70s. We get to know him better than we ever have, including the tidbit that he was a Joburg boy who found his way to Zulu culture via his forays into hostels on the edge of Soweto.

For the past several months he’s done shows across the US, and in Canada, Dubai and London during his “The Final Journey world tour”. 

Good Hope Centre, Cape Town, 1986. Just another windy Struggle day in the Mother City. It’s getting on for 10pm and Johnny Clegg and Juluka are singing Scatterlings of Africa near the end of their concert, which is being recorded and set to become a South African classic of a live album. Everyone is holding high a little Bic lighter, a shifting sea of lights representing the hope in many hearts. Everyone smoked back then.


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