Tanzanian Actress Agnes Masogange Fined U.S.$450,000 After Found Guilty of Drug Use


The popular actress was ordered to pay a total of U.S.$450,000 or serve two years in jail after a magistrate found that she was using the illicit drugs Heroin and Oxazepam.

Principal Resident Magistrate Wilbard Mashauri convicted Masogange, a resident of Makongo Juu, of the charges after being satisfied by evidence produced by three prosecution witnesses.

He ruled that the prosecution, led by State Attorney Constantine Kakula, sufficiently proved beyond reasonable doubt that the youthful artist committed the offence as charged. The magistrate sentenced Masogange to either pay 1m/- fine or go to jail for two years in default of paying the fine for using Heroin (Diacety Imophine), as stated in the first count.

She was also sentenced to pay U.S.$450,000 fine or serve imprisonment of 12 months if she would not pay the fine in question after being convicted of the second count of using Oxazepam type of narcotic drugs The magistrate, however, said that the jail terms would run co-currently. This means that the artist was to serve a custodian sentence of two years only having failed to pay the fine.

The convict, nevertheless, decided to pay the fine. Prosecution witnesses had told the court that the accused committed the offences on February 7, 2017, at unknown area and district, but within the city of Dar es Salaam.

Before being sentenced, the prosecution had asked the court to provide severe 

penalty considering the nature of the crime committed.

The prosecutor submitted that though he had no previous records on criminal conducts of the accused, severe sentence would deter other people from engaging in drugs abuse considering the fact that such narcotic drugs have adverse effect to the society.


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