Top African Acta Iba One, E.L, Epixode Storms Burkina Faso WatsUp TV “Le Concert Planet”


Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso saw a night of fireworks from top-notch acts across Africa on the 30th April, as Ghanaian heavyweights  EL & Epixode made their debut staging with a mouth-watering performance at the WatsUp TV’s grand music concert tagged “Le Concert Planet” sponsored by producers of its Bigoo, Twellium Industries.

The concert which also hosted popular Malian musician and winner of the 2016 WatsUp TV Music Video Awards for Best African Hip Hop Video, Iba One was held in commemoration of the launch of Twellium Industries flagship brand “Planet Drink”.From videos circulating on social media about the event, songs of Ghanaian artists seems to be a big deal in the French countryside as over 15,000 fans joined either by singing or dancing to the various tunes whiles being wowed with their splendid performances.

The concert which was organized by leading Pan-African TV Channel, WatsUp TV recorded one of the largest crowd in the African City and featured other leading African artists such as Floby, Smarty, Dez Altino, Cheezy, Flower, Barsa 1st, Amzy, The Comedian The Jaguar and the Dance Group R-Max.


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