#WakandaFever Grips Fans As Black Panther Gets 7 Oscar Nominations


The popular movie has landed seven nominations and has become the first superhero film to get a Best Picture nomination in the history of the Oscars.

There, you have it! **Drums roll* Black Panther has landed seven nominations and has become the first superhero film to get a Best Picture nomination in Oscar’s history. This nod will see it compete against BlacKkKlansman. The Spike Lee film gets Best Director, Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Adam Driver), Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Score and Best Picture.

The all-black cast film which raked in over $700 million in 10 days not only put Africa on the spotlight, it was seen as a form of identity for blacks all over the world. The Best Picture nod has everyone tweeting their hearts out on social media:

Hannah Beachler just became the first African American to ever be Oscar-nominated for Best Production Design. In addition to working on BLACK PANTHER (where she was Marvel’s first female production designer), she also did MOONLIGHT and BeyoncĂ©’s “Lemonade.” pic.twitter.com/zYRRVzm98L

— Kyle Buchanan (@kylebuchanan) January 22, 2019 Black Panther is nominated for Best Costume Design – Well deserved! Ruth E Carter has costumed some of our favorite black films like BAPS, Selma, School Daze, Malcolm X Long overdue for Ruth as she has previously been nominated but has not yet won an #Oscar. This should be it! pic.twitter.com/yfo0sQX0eE

— Shelby Ivey Christie (@bronze_bombSHEL) January 22, 2019 Black Panther, a movie with an all black cast, a black director, a black costume designer is really nominated for SEVEN academy awards pic.twitter.com/DJL3eTcQdC

— BP HAS 7 OSCAR NOMS (@SADISTlCNIK) January 22, 2019 But some disagree: How the hell is Black Panther nominated for best picture when it’s just a mediocre super hero movie. One of the most overrated movies 🎥 this generation.

If the Dark Knight couldn’t even get nominated, Black Panther shouldn’t even be in this discussion. — Alexander Tran (@mebboss) January 22, 2019 Called this black panther thing a year ago. pic.twitter.com/wCOLArzIKp — Sco (@ThaSoapBox) January 22, 2019 *Wakanda Forever*


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