Which Is The Right Way For Liberians To Go Tomorrow? #LiberiaDecides


Tomorrow Liberians face the task of choosing from among twenty presidential candidates – many of whom have promised to fight corruption, repair the country’s economy, make it self-sufficient and reconcile what some consider to be a divided nation.

Liberia is heading to the polls on October 10 with twenty candidates on the ballot paper. The list includes a fashion model, a football icon, a warlord and a host of businessmen and career politicians.

Liberia has been through tumultuous times in recent years: from two brutal back-to-back civil wars to an outbreak of the devastating ebola virus disease. Both incidents left the country in ruins and its population severely depleted. The upcoming general election is set to be another major test for the troubled nation, as it seeks to manage its own security for the first time since the United Nations peacekeeping mission pulled out completely two years ago.

The long list of candidates vying for the country’s top job are not your average politicians; including a former warlord infamous for torturing and killing a sitting president, a world class football star, a former fashion model – who shares a child with said football star – as well as a host of career politicians and businessmen.

President Sirleaf’s desire for a younger successor

An internal rift between President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Nyumah Boakai – her two-term vice president, who is seeking to replace her – came to light when she did not attend his campaign rally. Sirleaf claims she did not attend the event due to preparations for the United Nations General Assembly meeting in late September.


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