Zimbabwe Military Takes Over National TV, Mugabe is Safe


There are unconfirmed reports that Zimbabwe’s finance minister Ignatius Chombo has been arrested by the military after a takeover of the state broadcaster in the early hours of Wednesday. The army denied it was staging a coup, even as military vehicles took to the streets of Harare and prolonged gunfire was heard near the presidential residence

Explosions were reported across the Zimbabwean capital Harare on Wednesday amid rumours of a military coup against President Robert Mugabe.

Local media reported on Wednesday that military personnel took over the headquarters of Zimbabwe’s state broadcaster ZBC, marking an escalation in a reported standoff between Mugabe’s government and the armed forces.

Armored vehicles were seen on the outskirts of Harare on Tuesday, a day after Zimbabwe’s military chief General Constantino Chiwenga threatened to intervene to end a purge of his allies in Mugabe’s ruling ZANU-PF party.

Zimbabwe’s ambassador to South Africa, Isaac Moyo, dismissed rumors that the military was orchestrating a coup aimed at upending Mugabe’s 37-year rule.

“There’s nothing really happening. They are just social media claims,” Moyo told Reuters news agency.

This is a breaking news story. We are updating this article as information comes in.


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