Zimbabwe Opposition Leader, Morgan Tsvangirai Dies


Morgan Tsvangirai, the veteran opposition leader who fought Robert Mugabe’s regime for many years, has died in a South African hospital after a long battle with colon cancer. Tsvangirai has been in and out of the hospital since disclosing his diagnosis in June 2016. His death comes amid a succession tussle within his party.

Arrested, beaten, charged with treason, and eventually made prime minister – Tsvangirai never achieved his aim to become president.

He was set to try for the fourth time in 2018, but cancer he was diagnosed within 2016 robbed him of that dream.

The dangerous work of a unionist in an autocratic state prepared him for the dirty game of Zimbabwean politics.

In 1997, when he was secretary general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), he survived an assassination attempt by assailants who tried to throw him out of his 10th-floor office window in central Harare. The attack was believed to be in retribution for ZCTU-led strikes against proposed taxes, including one to raise pensions for war veterans.


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